Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The Tsuruoka Samurai Silk Preservation Society (“we”, “us”, or “our”) vow to protect private information by enacting a policy for protecting private information, building a system to protect private information, and ensuring that all staff are aware of the importance of protecting private information, and take steps to do so. 

Management of Private Information

We will save customer private information correctly and in the most recent state, and take the necessary measures to maintain and manage a security system including upkeep and staff education etc. to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, or leakage of private information, and undertake safety measures to strictly manage private information. 

Purposes of using private information

The private information from customers we handle is used to send emails or documents to make contact or provide assistance, or respond to inquiries. 

Forbidding the release or sharing of information with a third party 

We will manage all private information from our customers, and will not give any information to third parties with the following exemptions: 

・When we have customer permission 

・When we disclose the private information to a service provider for the service the customer desires 

・When we are required by law to disclose the information

Private information safety measure

We undertake full security measures to ensure safe and proper handling of private information. 

For your reference

If the customer wishes to inquire about, revise, or delete their private information, we will do so once we have confirmed their identity.

Laws, compliance with the code of conduct, and review

We will endeavor to review and improve the contents of our privacy policy following the applicable Japanese laws and other codes of conduct regarding private information in our possession. 


If you have any questions regarding the handling of information please contact us here:

Tsuruoka Samurai Silk Preservation Society 

Office (Tsuruoka Tourism and Product Division) 

Tel: 0235-25-2111 (Ext. 566)